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We believe financial success for individuals and businesses can be achieved when their financial advisor delivers a comprehensive advice service. Our collaborative professional model makes this possible. Lifestyle Tax & Accounting (LTA) provides tax return preparation, tax advice and accounting services to your clients on you behalf. This in turn allows you, the advisor to address your client's tax needs as part of your financial advice proposition.

LTA is a professional member of the Lifestyle Corporate Group, providing a range of advisory support services to financial advisors, through its licensee, Lifestyle Asset Management - Join Us.

Integrated Advice

LTA's services provides seamless, efficient and tax technical services that allow the advisor to reflect on and deliver professional advice for the whole of a person's financial needs. An advisor's client can meet with their advisor, knowing that they have access to advice that takes into account the income tax consequences of their investment decisions, as well as having their personal tax return and corporate structure's returns completed correctly.

What We Do

We believe that successful financial advice starts with understanding a person's tax matters and position. Most individuals need to prepare an annual tax return setting out their assessable income and deductions. LTA provides you, the advisor, with knowledge and support through our collaborative tax service model.

LTA will always strive to improve the advisor's service offering to their clients.

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